App Privacy Policy for Apps developed by Henri Bredt (Legacy Version)

This privacy policy informs you about how your personal information is handled by apps developed by Henri Bredt, reffred to as "services". By using those services, you consent to this privacy policy if the service does not make use of a specific privicay policy. Apps developed by Henri Bredt that make use of a specific privacy policy are:


I develop all products with user privacy in mind, and therefore will only process anonymous usage data to improve the services. That means, I will not collect, trade, sell, or otherwise share any of your personal information. I earn money with selling valuable software, not with selling user data.


For the single purpose of improving the services, a privacy-friendly analytics tool called Telementry Deck is used in some products. This tool is developed and maintained in Germany, GDPR & CCPA compliant and provides anonymous analytics data such as the version of the operating system, which is critical information for further development. The data collected in this way cannot be traced back to the user. It is a privacy-friendly process to gain critical data about how the app is used and where it can be improved.


In some of the products, you will find a link to my personal Instagram account. As of today, these products include: Thoughts - Quotes & Motivation. This is just a standard link that will open Instagram on the web or in the app - no embedded third party code. Before clicking the link and visiting Instagram, please be aware of Instagram's Privacy Policy at first.


Our applications for macOS and iOS may use technologies provided by Apple, such as crash reports or app analytics. We have no control over data collected in this way by Apple or third parties. If you purchase a product through the App Store or Mac App Store, Apple will process personal information and link the purchase to your Apple ID. For more information, please refer to Apple's Privacy Policy.


March 18th, 2024